• Karavostasi Beach, Perdika Thesprotia


    Karavostasi is the largest beach of Perdika and one of the most beautiful beaches of Western Greece. It is about one kilometer long and it has white thin pebbles. The […]

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  • Stavrolimena Beach


    A small, isolated beach located between the beaches of Karavostasi and Arillas. You will enjoy the crystal-clear waters and white sand, finding refuge from the sun in the natural shade […]

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  • Arilas Beach, Perdika Thesprotia


    Arillas beach, or Skaloma, is a very attractive and picturesque beach. Its small port and thin golden sand turn it into something special. Its waters are quite shallow, making it […]

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  • Sofas Beach, Perdika Thesprotia


    Sofas is a small beach with pebbles, located in the road connecting Perdika to Syvota. The all-green mountain slopes literally embrace the crystal waters, giving the visitor the chance to […]

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  • Agia Paraskevi Beach, Perdika Thesprotia

    Agia Paraskevi

    The beach of Agia Paraskevi has been named after the chapel bearing the same name and situated up on the hill, just over the sandbank. Its superb clear waters and […]

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  • Mega Ntrafi Beach, Perdika Thesprotia

    Mega Ntrafi

    Surrounded by towering and steep rocks, the beach of Mega Drafi offers optimal privacy. Its waters are quite deep and clear, and it is one of the best choices for […]

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