While enjoying your stay at our hotel, you might want to check out these popular attractions

  • Dimokastro, Perdika Thesprotia

    Distance from Hotel: 1.8 km


    On top of the mountain, above the beach of Karavostasi and with a breathtaking view, the ancient city of Elina with Dymokastro dominates. Dymokastro was a colony of ancient Corinthians […]

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  • Folklore Museum, Perdika Thesprotia

    Distance from Hotel: 2.3 km

    Folklore Museum

    The folklore museum of Perdika has been made with a lot of care and artistic feeling and includes exhibits of Epirus culture. It is located in the village’s square and […]

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  • Agios Athanasios, Perdika Thesprotia

    Distance from Hotel: 1.4 km

    Agios Athanasios

    The historic country church of Saint Athanasios is located in a wooded area with plane-trees and olive-trees, a little far away from the beach of Karavostasi. Even since Turkish domination […]

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  • Park, Perdika Thesprotia

    Distance from Hotel: 2.0 km

    Recreation Park

    The Recreation Park is a pole of attraction for thousand visitors every year. It has been made in 2001 and extends to a woody area of 1500 acres (stremma) which […]

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  • Sivota Thesprotia, Bella Vraka


    Syvota, which is 12 km far off Perdika, constitutes one of the most popular tourist destinations of Greece. It’s one of the most beautiful places in the area with its […]

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  • Parga


    Famous and cosmopolitan Parga is situated just 15 km from Perdika. It is built amphitheatrically of a picturesque creek in the middle of which is the island of Virgin Mary […]

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  • Distance from Hotel: 3.2 km


    Gitani was the political centre of ancient residents of Thesprotia and its second capital in order of antiquity. It is located quite near to dam of Kalamas river and the […]

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  • Tzavelena' s Ladder, Aheron River, Glyki

    Distance from Hotel: 2.7 km

    Skala Tzavelaina

    Skala Tzavelainas is situated in the narrows of Acherontas river, in an environment of incomparable natural beauty. There is a walking path in this historic location which will lead the […]

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  • Avheron River, Gliki


    The river of Acherontas throughout its route constitutes an ecosystem of great natural beauty. The walk through age-old plane-trees and frozen crystal-clear water of the river will remain unforgettable to […]

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  • Castle of Ancient Elea

    The ruins of Ancient Elaia castle are situated in Paramythia. The race of Thesprotians Eleates lived in this area during ancient times (350 b.C.) and it was the capital of […]

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  • Tower Rai, Lygia

    In the area of the peninsula of Lygia the ruins of three castles. The castle belonged to Perea, of Corfu colony was established in classical times. The Corfu Perea was […]

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