Recreation Park

The Recreation Park is a pole of attraction for thousand visitors every year. It has been made in 2001 and extends to a woody area of 1500 acres (stremma) which is crossed by the river ¨Paramythiotis¨ that flows into Karavostasi.
The park is a shelter for wild animals as wild boars, deers, hares, pheasants and partridges, which live in fenced areas so that the visitors can watch them safely. There are also dams along the river where you can see trouts and eels in their natural environment.
Those who like walking will be enthusiastic with the route in the paths that cross the park. With length of 1 km and small picturesque bridges in all the way, visitors will be enchanted by the natural beauty. There are kiosks and seats everywhere in order to rest and signs for your information.